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How to re-charge and re-group after a rough shift at work? How to figure out the latest tough problem on your unit? What to do when you are feeling stressed and unheard?  Phone a friend, for sure!  We all can use a little help from our friends, and where better to find it than in a safe place with people who understand what it is we do all day.  Nurses understand the importance of caring for others, but often put themselves at the bottom of the list.  Make the change in your routine today to put yourself first! Be grateful for our colleagues, coworkers, and friends.



The American Nurses Association embarked on a project in 2016 to improve the health of nurses and has been working to improve nurses’ self-care.  The Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation (HNHN) project has been working to engage nurses to improve their health, saying, “the well being of nurses is fundamental to the health of our nation.” The program hopes to engage nurses and improve their activity, sleep, quality of life, nutrition, and safety.  Traditionally, nurses do not take good care of themselves, and this is one of the reasons the ANA developed the HNHN initiative.   Check it out below, and you can sign up for text reminders to help you stay on your self care journey.



Nurses Work Hard.  We all can be faced with difficult situations without any warning or time to regroup afterwards.  Especially during COVID we have been  subjected to excessive stress. Constantly changing the plan and following up to make sure we did the right thing. This link connects to the American Nurse's Association Self-Care package for nurses.  If you haven't seen this incredible resource, check it out now.  It includes ways to stay safe at home, webinars on Coronavirus, the vaccine, and ways to improve our resilience, emotional and mental well-being.

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