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Unplugging during January and a light at the end of the tunnel..

I find it truly entertaining that so much of what I do for self-care is outside, away from my desk and computer, and that I've been having a relatively nice last few weeks but because I haven't posted, nobody knows about it. I'm really lucky that I've found a great online yoga studio that is motivating and entertaining, and that they have created 7-day streaks as a challenge! I love a challenge- :) It's simple: do two self-care activities a day for 7 days in a row, and donate what you can to any charity as a 'reward'. Simple, right? Motivating, right? A great way to do good for ourselves and for others, so many people need extra help right now. The link to the 7-day streak is on the Sandlot yoga site at: and while you're there, I highly recommend the Zoom yoga and the podcasts. So nice to be able to practice at home, but with a group at the same time. One of the hardest things about the pandemic is being separated from friends, and isolated at home. Doing online yoga with the same group of folks has challenged and motivated me.

Also, as you can see from the picture (my 'vaxxie'), one of the best things that happened in January was I got the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. I helped give the vaccine in my facility, and I got emotional when I realized how long this road has been and how many people we've lost to such a scary disease. The vaccine means that we will hopefully end 2021 in much better shape than we ended 2020. For me, it represents the beginning of the end of the pandemic. It's been an emotional year with many challenges and tears, but also one of great strength and resilience. I've seen nurses 'suit up and show up' no matter what was going on, and I continue to see this every day I go to work. I'm so proud of the people in healthcare who continue to care for others and the way they responded to this global crisis. So here's to the beginning of a new year and healthy behaviors that serve us all.

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