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How to stay consistent

I am writing this post after almost a month without posting. October has flown by so far, and it seems like the days just go by one after another and no matter how much I want to, sitting down and writing just hasn't been a priority. Same thing for me and exercise. Some weeks it's a solid five days of workouts, yoga classes, runs or bike rides. Other weeks...not so much. Work has a lot to do with it, a 13 1/2 hour shift doesn't leave much time for anything other than commute and sleep, while the more flexible days allow me time for more outdoor stuff. Outdoor being a key factor, when it's nice out I'm so much more likely to get out and take a run or walk. Look at these beautiful Fall leaves, how gorgeous!

Last week I ran when it was cloudy and was super grateful to get a run in and stay dry. With the pandemic, we are more limited with studio activities too, some yoga places are open, but with limited numbers in classes, signing up has to be done in advance, and that takes planning. For example, I'm going to yoga tonight, but I had to sign up last week. One of the reasons I signed up was because I got to that class last week (having signed up the previous week) and remembered how good it felt to be in a studio with a real live teacher, in an engaged class with other like-minded folks. It felt great, and I said, "I'm doing that again next week", and then signed up. This way at least one day I get a solid workout!

With the cold weather coming, I plan on putting my bike on the trainer and doing more indoor riding, which isn't my favorite thing to do, but it's a way to get some exercise during the colder months when going outside isn't an option. I also have been doing some Zoom yoga classes and Yoga Download workouts. All these plans, signing up for classes in advance, making a space to work out inside when the weather is cold, hopefully will help me get more time in exercising. And for those weeks when it doesn't happen, when I'm not feeling like exercising, or a little under the weather, I have to let it go, and try again the next day. Having a hard and fast "must do" attitude doesn't work for me. It's like blogging.. some days I an feeling it, and will write. Other days, it just doesn't happen. Hope it's happening for you today!

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