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I love this sign, posted on the board at work. I worked this weekend and had a very difficult shift on Sunday. One thing that completely overwhelmed me with gratitude was the way that so many teammates made themselves available for the good of the patient. It was just phenomenal, all of them with their own competing demands were able to offer and give life-saving help. Not only that, but with their kind words and ready assistance they supported me also, and I cannot express how much that means. So grateful for their amazing skills and compassion.

Healthcare workers are lifesavers, seeing things that many persons in the world do not, and doing things each day that change persons' lives. Often we see occurrences that happen as a result of bad luck, poor timing, or just a freak accident. It's easy when seeing the randomness of the world, to take the good things for granted. I am guilty of this, not realizing each day the many gifts I have, my health, my family, my friends, and even my work. So many chances to say 'yes' and make a difference. So much love to give and to receive.

Seeing the bad is easy, it is all around us and the news is more than happy to point it out and exaggerate it. Focusing on the good and what we are grateful for only takes a minute, and can change our attitude and how we interact with the world. It's easy to cultivate gratitude by focusing on a few things we are grateful for each day, or even by keeping a gratitude journal. When my mindset is one of thankfulness, I see the world through a positive lens, and am more likely to see solutions rather than problems. Cultivate gratitude and stay positive.

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