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Crystal Grant, CRNA to speak this Sunday on Financial Self-care

How do you end up working endless overtime hours to pay for things you may or may not really need? Why is it that many healthcare professionals make great money, yet live paycheck to paycheck, or spend a lot of their money on things that don't benefit them? How can we remain conscious of our finances while enjoying all that life has to offer? Find out some practical strategies for financial self care this Sunday, live on Zoom!

Crystal Grant, MSN is a CRNA, an author, business owner, a dog mom, a friend, aunt and passionate travel enthusiast. She has helped countless healthcare professionals prioritize financial health and speaks on budgeting and net worth. In her spare time Crystal enjoys going to the beach, reading, writing and long walks with her two dogs. Follow Crystal on instagram at crygcrna, thesixfigureCRNA or Facebook Crystal G-e.

Visit her author page on amazon at:

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