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Blossoms and birdsong and Yin Yoga!

It is summer! Apologies for not posting for like the last 6 months.. I've been busy, lol!!

Summer is officially my favorite season. I love the warm (yes, even the HOT) weather, the sunshine, the lack of strict schedules, the light that persists into the evening, and the flowers and green-ness that are everywhere! I feel like I am fully alive in summertime, especially spending time outside and at the beach. I hope you are enjoying as much of the summer as is humanly possible, and letting the sunshine warm you up from the inside out.

Today I had such a blissful experience - Yin yoga with Michelle at Graceful Power Yoga and Wellness. I am not typically a "sit still" kind of girl. Very rarely do I spend more than 5 minutes in one spot, never mind one pose! I am a fidget-er, a foot-tapper, a leg-bouncer, and generally do not stay in one place easily or for long times. I operate best as a human when I am walking or at least standing, leaning against a wall, or moving in some way. One of my favorite things about my job is that most of my work is not done behind a desk. Yin yoga is not something I've ever been attracted to as I thought it wouldn't be fun for me.

Yin yoga is a restorative yoga where the poses are held for longer periods of time. The pace is meditative, and today, at the Graceful Power studio, we were joined by wonderful birdsong, refreshing breezes and gorgeous greenery while we practiced. I found it relaxing and the stretches were held for on average, five minutes each, which allowed me time to soften into the postures and deepen my stretches. FYI-not typically a 'soften' kind of girl, either! For me, the practice was very soothing and also, since I've been nursing an unhappy left hip and hamstring, it was very helpful to hold the stretches for longer periods of time, relaxing and breathing into the postures. Afterwards, I felt relaxed and energized, and very lucky that I was able to practice in such lush surroundings with such an awesome yogi.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a wonderful week ahead, and that you have the opportunity to try something new. I encourage you to check out Michelle at Graceful Power Yoga and Wellness, in-studio and zoom yoga as well as coaching is offered.

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