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A Solid Foundation

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

When I was out running last week I came across the tree below, uprooted and broken in a storm. It shocked me how the leaves were lush and green, while the huge trunk wasn't as solid as it appeared. The wind broke the tree at the weak spot and it came crashing down. So often, especially in our curated world of social media, it seems that everyone else has a solid foundation, is doing all the right things all the time. This just isn't the case.

Our foundation is comprised of the habits we have, what we do each day to care for ourselves. Whether that is a regular mindfulness routine, exercise/activity, cooking and eating healthy, or getting enough rest, continuing to make progress will build our foundation. There will always be those times when we forgo sleep for a fun activity or extra night shift, or those days when eating healthy just doesn't happen, but it's important to stay gentle with ourselves and keep on keeping on. The goal isn't perfection, that's unrealistic. The goal is progress.

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